i just use this blog to upload different sounds

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One direction performing summer love, Sheffield Arena 19th March 2013 x

are zayn and liam trying to out-sing each other at the end? well whatever it is it sounds good.

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one direction singing man in the mirror x

if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself then make that change 

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“i can’t express how much i love aleem” 

“more than harry styles say that”

“more than harry styles he’s a top lad”

and then the laugh x

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zayn singing shot for me by drake  

and the voice in your speaker right now that’s me

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liams falsetto in teenage dirtbag, also requested by anon x 

Title: One Way Or Another
Artist: One Direction
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liams i’ll getcha i’ll getcha in one way or another, requested by anon

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zayn malik’s incredible falsetto in summer love, requested by anon  x

how do i breathe?

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one direction singing total eclipse of the heart 

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"what a man!"- louis "look at those cheekbones"- harry "i wanna be like him"- niall  "i just wanna be him"-liam

everybody loves zayn S1 E1 

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last first kiss, zayn maliks falsetto + another orgasmic ending

ya’ll i give up